💡 Necessity is the mother of invention

“Well, privacy is just something we don’t have anymore these days”

How many times have you heard someone say this in the last few years? So many people where claiming that the use of technology in modern times is a trade-off against user-privacy.

If you want to participate in society you’ll have to make use of modern technology. And using modern technology means you’ll have to hand in all your rights to user-privacy. That’s just how it is! There’s no other option. Right?

There has been an enormous shift in awareness over the last decade. Thanks to the revelations by Edward Snowden in 2013, the world started to realize that the internet is not as private as most people thought it was. And, more important, that the three letter intelligence agencies are using the internet to spy on people.

This shift in awareness has gotten another boost, after governments worldwide started implementing Orwellian measures to combat the spread of the corona virus. From contact tracing apps, to drone/camera surveillance to check if people are keeping distance, to robots checking your social distance in Singapore. And who knows what the future will bring.

All of a sudden the world seems to head into the script of a science fiction movie. For the ones who’ve watched the Black Mirror series on Netflix, you won’t be surprised to hear that the maker of it said that “The world is officially too dystopian to handle another season of Black Mirror”. We’re basically living it.

Seems pretty depressing right? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Sometimes things need to get a bit ugly for people to see the problems we’re facing. And that time is now. It’s not that the problems we are facing in 2020 are new, it’s just that they’re coming to the surface.

And so the great line ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is starting to reveal itself once again. Alternative platforms with a focus on user privacy, decentralization, freedom of speech and being open-source are popping up everywhere.

However, there’s still an enormous gap of knowledge regarding solutions to online user-privacy. That’s where we at Android-Privacy.com are coming in. To get you to become a true privacy Jedi master. So you can not just help yourself, but also your family and friends. Get yourself educated and be the leader of your community!

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Hi Wesley. Thanks for the update! I have one question: will I still be able to use all my favorite apps from the Google Play Store? Thanks.


Amazing….thanks, & looking forward to your course next (weekend Sun?). I had been looking into purchasing the ‘Pine’ Phone, simply to get rid of Bill psycho Gates/MS. FYI: here’s something REALLY creepy…….. I just purchased a cheap Chromebook. Settings/Site Settings/Additional Settings/MOTION SENSORS Most of the Chromebooks are being used by kids at home for virtual schooling. The Motion Sensor’s default is to ‘ON’……. and it turns it’s self back on by its self. This is just all the way around wrong!!!! Purchase one yourself, see for yourself, & then just return it. There should be a lawsuit against these companies.… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by AMC

Hi I have an iPhone do you have a course coming up on that type of phone?


Nice can wait


Looking forward to the content that you’ll be releasing this week – thank you!! I’ve been being elbowed out of mainstream for various reasons (first, around my beautiful art, but then because of content I was sharing, on basic questions and truths around the plandemic) – it got absolutely farcical to try and use e.g. F***book or suchlike to be visible! But during the last year, and living outside of mainstream, I’ve been increasingly aware of the depths of the manipulation and essentially the slavery that we willingly consent to – and where it’s all heading! So, having replaced many… Read more »

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