🔎 Sneak peek into Section 3:  Rebuild your phone now!

Please enable JavaScript Sneak peek into Section 3: Rebuild your phone now! The long awaited moment is there. After months of hard work and research we are proud to announce that section three of our course is live. It's time for action: start rebuilding your phone now! For the people that are wondering what Section ... Lees meer

💬 How to: setup the most private messaging app

Please enable JavaScript How to: setup the most private messaging app First of all: great to see all the positive response after releasing section one of the course, thanks all! You're probably already making progress in the course, great job! Now that you're knowledge of the problem is progressing, it's time we start looking for ... Lees meer

📴 The Privacy Paradox Problem (PPP)

A paradox that you are probably aware of Let’s be clear. The technological (internet) revolution that has taken place over the last few decades has been absolutely transformative in a positive way. Being able to do your work all over the world, always having access to all your files, always having access to your bank … Lees meer

💡 Necessity is the mother of invention

“Well, privacy is just something we don't have anymore these days” How many times have you heard someone say this in the last few years? So many people where claiming that the use of technology in modern times is a trade-off against user-privacy. If you want to participate in society you'll have to make use ... Lees meer